About Us


We are the House of Top Quality Stainless Steel Hospital Holloware products. We know that every surgery needs suitable, specific and proper surgical instruments for a successful surgery and like this, all surgical instruments need suitable, specific, and Proper Holloware utensils for storing, caring, and sterilizing purposes for hygienic surgery and to prevent high-cost surgical instruments.

Our Mission

It’s we the MHAD International who are always making new and new inventions in the field of Stainless Steel Hospital Hollow Ware Utensils and successfully producing various clean and hygienic Holloware Utensils for storing and caring surgical instruments, for sterilizing purposes, for mixing solutions and for accommodate other different type of applications. We also produce best quality of stainless steel patient’s care utensils designed to offer complete convenience to the patients. Our all Utensils can easily autoclaveable and reusable. We as well produced Top quality Surgical and Dental instruments to accomplish our services to International Market.

Our vision

Our motto is to serve our valued international customers without any complaints, and provide high quality with full satisfaction for long terms business relations.


Firstly we have been supplying our high-quality Holloware utensils to our dear Customers in Local Market Place with their entire satisfaction in terms of quality, which perfectly meet the highest International Standard and then they export our products with their name and get huge profit on our products.

From 1980 we turned ourselves to export our Holloware utensils directly to International Market without any Delays and without costs of Middlemen to facilitate our international customers with the best quality but with low prices. We are highly appreciated by our International Valuable Costumers as regards our Workmanship, Precision, Finish, and Quality of our Holloware Utensils.

From 2002, we are also producing and exporting our Top Quality Surgical and Dental Instrument on huge insisting of our International Valuable Customers and highly appreciated by the International Market by means of our all product’s Precision, Performance, Longevity, Reliability, and Uncompromising Quality.

From 2013 we started to produce high quality dental and beauty instruments with 100% stainless steel in very professional & lean environment to serve our customers with best quality of products

In 2015 we added value in our quality & kinds of our best-gripped field (Holloware) and added many more like carts and stands in our product list to make sure that our customers are getting all ranges and best quality at competitive prices.

Founder’s Message

Mher Muhammad Ishaq (Late)

Quality of a healthy life! This is MHAD international’s corporate principle over the past 56 years. Quality of a healthy life is the entrepreneurship of MHAD international and the core value that we provide. We develop quality products to treat diseases, care health, and saving lives. In the early ’60s, when we had to start manufacturing holloware products since there was no domestic holloware manufacturer on the whole province, MHAD decided to Manufacture our holloware products and eventually became the largest domestic suppliers in the country, and today it became MHAD International. In the 90s, MHAD started manufacturing surgical and dental instruments to supply at the wholesale market within the country and internationally, which was solely dependent on foreign manufacturers. MHAD is proud to be the first company in Pakistan to contribute to reducing medical costs and improving health by top quality products.

Owner’s Message

Mher Naveed Shahzad

Thank you for visiting the “MHAD INTERNATIONAL” website. Let me introduce our company briefly. In collaboration with distinguished doctors, MHAD developed its first product of holloware in 1964 just after it started a business. Since then, MHAD produces various kinds of instruments, equipment, and & products to move the medical forward within the country and internationally
Our Research and Development (R&D) are focused on 5-product categories, which are Stainless steel holloware products, Surgical instruments, Dental Instruments, Beauty instruments & carts & stands (accessories). Enhancing our original products, we will create the 6th category by adopting daily activities and voices from patients and members of medical staff under the latest knowledge of doctors.
MHAD’s corporate vision is “Being an interface company between Nature and Human society”. We have manufactured thousands of tools/instruments for more than 56 years with strong support from patients and doctors. In order to keep enhancing in value and in the quality of our products, we always consult with doctors on patients’ requests and on new and upcoming requirements. We are proud of providing you with epoch-making solutions suitable to the needs of patients and doctors.